Breakfast and brunch

Spelt, butternut squash pancakes with poached kumquats
Fennel seed and lemon dutch pancake
Brioche french toast stuffed with berries
Sorghum, whole wheat bread with cottage cheese, pecans and dried apricots
Spelt, pumpkin, leeks and idiazabal cheese muffins 
Coconut and cottage cheese pancakes
Courgette, feta and olive oil muffins
Chocolate, chambord and raspberries rabanadas
Pea and carrot pancakes with poached egg and crispy presunto
Whole rye, ricotta pancakes with banana, honey and hazelnuts
Roasted pears with greek yogurt and cinnamon
Strawberry and marjoram muffins
Whole rye and wheat pancakes with fresh cranberries
Persimmon, pomegranate, pennyroyal and honey juice
Pear, coconut bread
Baked eggs with beetroot leaves, leeks and cottage cheese
Blackberries jam and scones

Savouries/Starters/Main dishes

A cold zucchini, cucumber and basil soup
Tuna, cottage cheese and parsley pancakes
Crispy peixinhos da horta
Salmon, millet and fennel salad 
Baked penne with bacon, mushrooms, spinach and capers
Duck in a spumante, fennel and rosemary brine - Christmas 2015
Winter salad
Zucchini, carrot and onion gratin with bread and oregano crust
Whole wheat chicken flautas with hot avocado sauce
Grilled tuna with rosemary, garlic and lemon
Summer dinner - marinated pork ribs
Fennel and spinach soup
Baked green eggs
Roasted cherry tomatos and snow peas bruschette
Whole wheat, black bean falafel
Cauli flower, cremini mushrooms and thyme soup
Spaghetti with sun dried tomato sauce, mushrooms and spinach
Chicken drumsticks, chickpeas, mushrooms and coriander casserole
Purple broccoli and smoked bacon "malandro" rice
Roasted chicken with citrus and cinnamon marinade
Beef burguers with goat cheese and greek yogurt, pickled cucumbers and Dijon mustard sauce
Cod, chili and dried tomatoes fritters
Turkey, peas and zuchinni curry
Summer conchiglioni
Chickpea sald with walnuts and mint pesto
Fettuccini with roasted salmon and cherry tomatoes with capers and Dijon mustard sauce
Roasted chicken with green sauce and chili
Squid, new potatoes, rapinni and capers salad
Easter lamb
Fennel and ham frittata
Pink ling tacos
Cuttlefish and cockles stew
Pizza with egg
Chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta, mint and lemon
Roasted rabbit with vegetables and thyme
Feta and rapinni tarts
Savoy cabbage and carrot soup
Beef Wellington - Christmas 2013
Skewered marinated pork with creamy mushrooms rice
Potato, cod and clams gratin
Chicken thighs with pears, chestnuts, rosemary and Port wine
Alheira, green cabbage and green apple rustic tart
Pork chops with oregano, sumac, garlic and paprika paste
Linguini with peppers, cherry tomatoes, linguiça and green olives sauce
Algarve´s carrots
Clam migas
Carrots and peas pancakes with poached egg and crispy presunto
Eggplant and cod involtini
Black eyed peas and minced meat tacos
Tomato soup with mozzarella and coriander olive oil
Grilled shad with punched potatoes and grilled zucchini
Melon salad with plums, green leaves, cucumber, seafood, feta and lemon, mint yogurt sauce
New poatoes, green beans, cucumber, radishes and herb marinates tomatoes salad
Cold spaghetti salad with herb marinates tomatoes and ricotta
Amaranth and ricotta frittatas
Stew of lamb, snow peas, new potatoes and mint
My spider crab paste
Snow peas soup with mint and feta cheese
Penne with chili sauce and shrimps
Small rigatoni with chicken, mushrooms and chouriço
Salmon and lemon balm rice
Butternut squash soup with chickpeas, collard greens sprouts and cumin
Francesinha - the queen of portuguese sandwiches
Cod, mussels tart
Goose egg sandwich with ham, arugula and tarragon mayo
Radiatori with chicken and roasted red pepper and olives sauce
Grapes and rosemary marinated pork loin
Gray triggerfish soup
Octopus stew (with Port wine)
Roasted octopus
Mushrooms and thyme risotto
Apple, onion and carrot soup
Stew of pork and purple cabbage
Limpets rice
Grilled sardines
Mussels with chilis and ginger
Pepper and chouriço rolls with garlic butter
Rice and vegetables salad with Dijon mustard vinaigrette
Red bean and avocado tacos
Chourição, mozzarella, olives, cherry tomatoes and arugula pizza
Pink ling and clams risotto
Beetroot, lemon and thyme soup
Cod and new potatoes salad with lemon balm pesto
Peas and requeijão crostinis with pennyroyal oilive oil
Peas with bacon, oyster mushrooms and poached egg
Sumac, marjoram and lemon roasted troutes
Strawberry, radish, mint and parsley salad
Roasted cod with shellfish
Red bean spicy soup
Sausage, pepper, chili and tomato macaroni with creamy ricotta sauce
Pomegranate, fresh cheese, carrot, walnuts and green leaves salad
Roasted vegetables soup with rosemary and pine nuts
Savoury pumpkin cakes
Mushrooms, queijo da ilha and oregano pizza
Parasol mushroom soup
Cranberry sauce stuffed pork roll
Cod and rapini rice
Cottage cheese, avocado and roasted vegetables sandwich
Green beans soup
Linguini with creamy mushrooms, leeks and bacon
Delicious grilled turkey wings
Peach, avocado and basil salad
Eggplant and tomato soup
Vegetarian pizzas
Basquaise tart 


Almond crepes with ricotta and raspberry cream
Orange and vanilla sonhos (fritters) - Christmas 2015
Peach jam with cinnamon and ground dill seeds
Cherry and honeysuckle parfait with ricotta and vanilla cream
Orange and coconut pudding with quick strawberry and verbena compote
Apple, grapes and almond pudding (gluten free)
Pear and lemon jam
Strawberry and fresch cheese cheesecakes
Plum and verbena compote
Strawberry and elderflower jam
Persimmon and spices jam
Black grapes and hazelnut flaugnarde
Fig jam
Poached strawberries, cream and vanilla pudding
Chocolate and fruits pavlova
Aletria with meringue (angels hair)
Pumpkin apple gratin
Gluten free strawberry and blueberry crumble
Vanilla panna cota with cape gooseberry purée
Lemon balm and raspberries clafoutis
Strawberry and vanilla pudding
Gluten free orange, blackberry triffle
Montanha dourada (golden mountain) - portuguese dessert
Gluten free wild blackberrie crumble

Cakes, small cakes, cookies and tarts

A simple banana and fennel seeds cake
Star anise savarin with stone fruits
Strawberry, acacia flowers and almond cake
Blackberry, roses and almond crumble
Moist and simple chocolate cake
Pear, blueberry and rosemary galette
Clementine cake with ganache
Turmeric and walnuts cookies
Chocolate cupcakes - Halloween
Pumpkin cake with caramelized apples and ricotta cream
Oregano cake with yogurt and stone fruits
Sweet potato and orange empanadilhas with chocolate sauce
Olive oil, vanilla cakes with  yogurt, lemon topping
Chocolate, port and walnuts cake with red berries - Christmas 2014
Cranberries, ricotta and pistachios rolls - Christmas 2014
Caramelized apple and calvados cake
Chocolate and condensed milk cake
Peach, blackberry and almond cake
Grapes, gluten free cake
Chocolate and baileys cakes
Strawberry sponge cake
Chocolate and pistachios cookies
Chocolate mousse cake with roasted pears
Honey, oranges and hazelnuts cake
Pão de ló de Freitas (portuguese traditional sponge cake)
Little berlin balls with sweet eggs cream - Christmas 2013
Chocolate and ginjinha pudding - Christmas 2013
Gluten free pomegranate cakes
Lime and cocconut tart
Chocolate cake with chocolate and cream frosting
Cootage cheese and blueberry cake - Gluten free
Rhubarb, orange cake
Strawberry,blueberry meringue tart
Hungarian cookies
Broas Castelares - Portuguese sweet potato cakes
Cheese pumpkin and star anise cake
Pumpkin fritters
Pumpkin filhoses
Christmas cake
Apple charlotte
Chocolate cake with 2 chocolates ganache
Apple, blackberry tart
Plum cake
Cherry and molasses cake
Pastéis de nata - Portuguese custard tarts
Chocolate and strawberry cake
Lemon ricotta cakes
Strawberry and marjoram muffins
Chocolate cake with truffle frosting
Gluten free orange cake
Apple, cranberries and almond pão-de-ló
Chocolate, pomegranate and ricotta small cakes
Christmas cookies
Crumble cake
Papos de anjo
Pear muffins ( gluten free)
Chocolate cakes with chocolate and orange sauce
Aromatic apple tarts
Chocolate meringue cake with blackberries
Gluten free chocolate beetroot cakes
Chocolate pão de ló

Ice creams / Sorbets / Granitas

Rhubarb ice cream with strawberry, vanilla cream
Yogurt and berries ice cream
Rose semifreddo with red fruits and rose syrup
Banana ice-cream with chocolate shaves
Watermelon granita
Vanilla ice cream with cranberry swirls


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Mango, ginger, orange and lemon balm smoothie
Nectarine and savory mojitos
Spumante rose, cointreau, summer fruit and verbena sangria
Strawberry, verbena sodas
Gin and strawberry, lemon thyme cocktail
Hot chocolate
Watermelon, gin and mint cocktail
Persimmon, pomegranate, pennyroyal and honey juice
Cantaloupe melon, blackberries, honey and marjoram smoothie

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